About SectorStories

SectorStories.com is a wholly-owned financial information service of Uvida, Pbc., a public benefit 'B' corporation focused on broad-spectrum consumer education. Planned for full-featured release in 2016, SectorStories will provide daily audio, video and text reporting on the status of every major market sector. The knowledge base will be available as a free public service for registered users, supported by carefully screened advertising.

Over the past ten years, since the Wall Street debacle in 2008, our team has studied daily market movements and tested the merits of numerous stock market trading/tracking systems, as well as underlying government policy, the Beige Book report, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings, Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) reports, and certainly in-depth analysis of specific market sectors.

The development team behind SectorStories covers a wide range of disciplines, and includes a Registered Options Principal/Registered Principal/Compliance Officer with 27 years in the brokerage industry; a former VP of Software Development at Goldman Sachs; dedicated market mavens and successful options day-traders.

Bullish vs. Bearish

The discussion needs to go much deeper than 'where to place your bets today'. The relentless act of extracting natural resources, and then hammering those resources into products for relentless consumption through relentless advertising, is an obsolete model that has seen its day. Unbridled growth has failed, so much so that after a mere hundred years of 'progress', the entire planet has fallen into an unprecedented environmental crisis. On the other hand, sustainable solutions to this crisis present us with glowing ethical opportunities.

In any case, maintaining vigilance over your retirement nest egg in an extremely volatile out-of-balance market must be a primary objective. Down the pike, we see a bullish resurgence in American manufacturing, sustainable energy independence, healthcare that actually heals people, a strong and stable military and a multi-trillion dollar initiative to repair America's infrastructure. But that's not on the near horizon. Today, the winds of caution prevail.

Our Goal

The goal here is to maximize returns with minimal risk, and with a strong ethical mindset. The vast majority of investors who execute their own trades via electronic trading platforms (25 million in the US) have no time to stare at computer screens or study reams of market research. But they can easily manage two or three trades each month, reflecting the somewhat predictable performance of a sector or index over time. Long and inverse/short Exchange Traded Funds - sector and index funds, some double and even triple-leveraged - offer a unique advantage in realizing these goals. ETFs simplify the entire game while (sometimes) reducing the risks inherent in individual stock trading.