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Last Update: September 12, 2018

These articles are well worth your close attention. They reveal the sentiments of some of today’s most respected and successful investors.

While the stock market remains somewhat stable (but essentially flat since January 2018), the fuel driving the world’s economy and stock market is again closely tied to individual, government and corporate debt on a global scale.

Yes, America’s economy is booming, corporate taxes have been cut, interest rates remain low and there are plenty of jobs out there. But the specter of tens of trillions in debt propped up by fiat currency, along with looming trade wars and a growing climate crisis, all point toward a major correction on the distant (or near) horizon.

While the general consensus points to 2019 or even 2020 as the beginning of the 'melting point', it behooves every investor to begin to plan a strategy to preserve and even grow their assets in spite of this looming correction on the horizon.

7 Charts That Signal a Breaking Point in the Markets

Mauldin Economics – August 9, 2018

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The Shiller P/E Ratio Today

Shiller’s CAPE Ratio is now at its second highest point in history, just behind the dot com era, and higher than it was the day before the crash in 1929

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By one measure, stocks are as pricey as they were during the dotcom bubble: 'Scariest chart in our database!'

Fred Imbert, CNBC – August 3, 2018

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Trade war & U.S. debt to puncture 'biggest stock market bubble in history’

David Stockman, CNBC – August 16, 2018

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One Sales Gauge Shows U.S. Stocks Twice as Expensive as in 2000

Bloomberg – August 7, 2018

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The Next Recession Will Be Frightening

Paul Tudor Jones, Business Insider – June 16, 2018

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Guggenheim investment chief sees a recession and a 40% plunge in stocks ahead

Scott Minerd, CNBC – April 6, 2018

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U.S. Stocks Are Twice as Expensive as in 2000, One Sales Gauge Shows

Fortune – August 7, 2018

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If Ray Dalio’s 1937 comparison continues tracking, the market is in big trouble

Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, MarketWatch – July 26, 2018

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JP Morgan's top quant warns next crisis to have flash crashes and social unrest not seen in 50 years

Marko Kolanovic, CNBC – Sept. 4, 2018

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Beware Fellow Plutocrats… the Pitchforks are Coming!

Recent TED lecture by Nick Hanauer, Amazon’s first private investor after Bezos’ family

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There's a 'trap door below the market'. The world's biggest stock bear warns of a recent shift that signals the next big crash is near

John Hussman, president of Hussman Investment Trust, Business Insider – September 9, 2018

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